What Is Rhodium Plating Made Of?

There are not many individuals who know much about contemporary jewellery these days that is designed using white gold that actually is rhodium plated so as to make the jewellery look much shiny as well as durable. This article will try its best in explaining your rhodium plating process and I’ll also provide few advices and tips on how individuals can maintain their rhodium plated jewellery.

Rhodium is a highly rare chemical element and is 1 out of 5 primary precious metals utilized for making jewellery. It is also a member of platinum group. Usually plating of rhodium is used on jewellery items for providing plate that can protect underlying metal from tarnish and scratches as well as it provides shinny white appearance that is almost reflective.

Usually, Rhodium plating will be found in jewelleries that are designed using white gold and rarely used on platinum or silver metals. Actually, white gold isn’t the right term to use. In reality, gold is yellow in colour and what individuals refer to as white gold nowadays is mixture of white looking metal such as palladium, nickel, or silver, and gold. Metals that are thought to be whiter in colour actually are of gray colour but yellowing colour will be there on white gold. As the individuals wearing white gold search for shinier look, thin layer of this metal called rhodium will be used for making your jewellery item much brighter and whiter looking. Gold plated with rhodium will look great for longer time period as rhodium is a harder metal hence will not get discoloured, tarnished, or easily scratched.

It will also be good to remember that plating of rhodium will be done for not lasting indefinitely. If this plating is on some piece that is to be constantly worn like graduation ring or wedding ring then rhodium plating will usually last for 2 to 3 years only but if the piece is something that is used for special occasions such as pair of earrings or necklace then rhodium plating will last for nearly 10 or more years.

As soon as individuals start noticing colours of the underneath metal they should visit their local jewellery store and request the person to do rhodium plating once again. The cost of plating will depend on thickness of rhodium plating that one wants. As per my recommendation, select a thicker layer if you are getting the plating done for items you wear regularly such as the wedding ring hence you will not be required to replace this after every few years.

You also need to remember that rhodium plating will not remove scratches and dents but will simply make your jewellery brighter and shinier (you can say much expensive looking as well). Don’t forget asking the jeweller whether they have planned cleaning and polishing the jewellery prior to re-plating it. If they haven’t, ask them to do so. As you enhance smoothness of your jewellery item, it will look more shinny once rhodium plating is done to it.

As already stated, only on rare occasions you will find rhodium plating done on platinum or silver jewellery pieces. In case of platinum, this will be done because rhodium is somewhat brighter than platinum hence it is utilized for making this much shinny. In case of silver jewellery, this is done for some other reason. Practically, rhodium is less shinier than silver but silver is softer as well as much malleable metal hence can get dented and scratched much easily. This is the reason why several jewellery stores prefer rhodium plating in jewellery items for making them much durable.

The time when rhodium plating starts disappearing from platinum or silver jewellery items, it won’t be much noticeable because of the underlying metal that looks gray instead of yellow.

Those who are shopping for jewellery made in white gold, platinum, or silver, don’t forget asking the jeweller whether their items have been plated with rhodium or not. There are several times when buyers buy jewellery that is rhodium plated even without knowing about it.

There aren’t many individuals who are aware of this but several contemporary jewellers are selling jewellery nowadays that is designed using white gold that actually is rhodium plating so as to make the item look shinier as well as more durable. I hope that this article of mine has tried the best in explaining rhodium plating process to readers and I’ll also provide some advices and tips as to how you can maintain your rhodium plated jewellery.